Post-Operative Instructions

  • DO NOT eat or drink anything for the next half an hour. You have a temporary filling in the tooth and it takes about half an hour to harden.
  • DO NOT bite anything hard on the tooth until you get the permanent filling or crown placed on the tooth. The tooth is prone to fracture and if you bite down on anything too hard or crunchy you may crack the tooth.
  • It is normal for the temporary filling to “divit” in with use. It is very rare it falls out completely. If the temporary filling falls out, please contact our office or your general dentist as soon as possible. If this occurs outside of business hours, we recommend you purchase temporary filling material at any pharmacy and place it in the tooth until we can see you.
  • Your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be slightly tender for several days following endodontic treatment. This tenderness is normal and is no cause for alarm. Discomfort may be alleviated by taking 3 of the 200 mg. tablets (600 mg.) ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) or 2 of the 500 mg. tablets (1000 mg.) Extra-Strength Tylenol every 6 hours for 2-3 days.  Alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3 hours is best!
  • If you are given any prescription medications related to this treatment, please take them as instructed by the doctor.
  • Alcohol intake is not advised while taking any of these medications.
  • Rinsing the inside of your mouth in the area of the treatment several times a day with a Warm Salt Water Rinse can relieve mild irritation of the gum around the tooth.
  • Continue your regular dental hygiene regiment unless you are told otherwise by the doctor.
  • Contact your general dentist and make an appointment within 1 month to have a permanent restoration placed to protect your tooth against fracture and decay.

NOTE: Should you experience discomfort that cannot be controlled with the above listed medications, or should swelling develop, please contact our office immediately.

If you have any questions, please call our office at Lehi Office Phone Number 801-224-3200